13 Sep 11: Miradoux to Lectoure

Route: Miradoux to Lectoure  15 km

Even before leaving Miradoux, I was hunted down. Word was out on the Chemin grapevine. As I approach the grocery for some lunch supplies, I hear my name called. Turns out to be a Swiss-American woman from Seattle, also walking. The Belgians had put us in touch! This made a wonderful day of conversation to distract from the heat. Breakfast was not served until 8 by the Dutch, so not underway until 0845. Scenery unremarkable; most fields have been harvested and the turned earth lies baking in the sun. Along with us – it must be close to 90 again.

Lodgings: CH La Mouline de Belin is a new CH located in an old mill and operated by two very mice attorneys, she originally from this area. Only two rooms but gorgeously renovated. A lovely stay, very personable and enjoyable conversation. Highly recommended.

Cuisine: Dinner was confit de canard with onions braised in ginger and seasoned with salt and honey, garnished with fresh local figs. Salad of tomatoes and basil from the garden. Cheese course Chantal (from a nearby district, as Gers does not produce cheese or butter), panna cotta with plum compote for dessert. Local vin rouge with the meal and some of M’s walnut aperitif before. Bread homemade! Breakfast included yogurt maison, homemade bread and preserves, and cheese. I made cheese sandwiches for lunch but M was willing to make a picnic.


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