9 Sep 11: Montlauzan to Aube Nouvelle

Route: Montlauzan to Aube Nouvelle  15.5 km

We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise view from the hilltop with fog filling the valley below as the sun broke on a clear day with mo cloud in the sky. Route was up a “devil’s staircase” (steep clay slope, severely eroded by water, fitted with handhold ropes) to a level shady ridge, then down another “devil’s staircase” the far side. Up 100m to the hilltop for Lauzerte. Very well stocked supermarket (can I take it home with me? It’s full of French food!) offers Spanish gazpacho in liter cartons, like orange juice. Oh my was it good! Cafe du Commerce across from church has free wifi. I eat the tinned tuna salad from Lascabanes to lighten the load. Perhaps it is the heat, or something in the gazpacho, but most likely just heat exhaustion – at any rate I can barely make my way out of the plaza. With 9 km still to go, I decide to call a cab (thank you phrasebook) to Aube Nouvelle. Seeing the terrain with its two ridges, equal in height to the Lauzerte
hilltop, from the car, I know I have made the right decision. I checked in and promptly slept for 3 hours.

Lodging: Aube Nouvelle

Cuisine: Dinner outdoors on the terrace was tasty and convivial. Next table over an American couple from San Francisco asked me to join them. They are fluent in French. We shared many tales of travel adventures. Chef served a fresh gazpacho starter, and I had the roast pork with prunes. Ice cream for dessert! Yay!

Grace: A pilgrim learns this is not an individual effort – this road, this life. We are not in control. We are dependent on others. And we must take the responsibility of asking for help when we need it.


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