Landfall en France

So we spent an extra two hours in our airplane seats during the last minute maintenance work in Dallas. The pilot was able to make up about 30 minutes enroute, most of which we gave back while parked on the CDG Tarmac waiting for a berth to open.

My seatmate for the flight over was from Santa Barbara, who was meeting up with 7 others for a week in the Dordogne, a swing through Provence, and a week in Zurich, doing the house-rental thing. Sounded like fun!

The suburban train in from CDG sold me a ticket using the new Travelex chip-and-PIN card (that part seems to be working well). However the exit turnstile didn’t like my ticket so I had to hop the wicket-quite the feat with a pack and two bags. Fortunately there was helpful advice and an assisting hand standing by. Hotel here will take my bag for storage, somewhat reluctantly. Reluctant on my end also as TSA swiped the damn lock again. Third one I’ve lost to them this year.

Weather here balmy, partly cloudy breezy mid 60’s fallish.


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