Pray for Billy

This is going to be one of those “planes, trains, and automobiles ” trips – the kind that are entries in the “see how many modes of transport you can use” contest. So I was waiting in the pedestrian loading queue for the ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle. The boat was running late, and the fellow ahead of me in line struck up a conversation. Nice, quiet chap, short with reddish hair going gray. A knitter! (something I cannot manage myself but I have friends who do). He had hit one of the yarn sales at a local shop and was showing off his treasures. He enjoys knitting hats for his friends who sleep in the cold, and for new babies in the family. He has also purchased a great North face sleeping bag; it make his nights much more comfortable. Some kids came by his secluded shelter one day and asked if they could do anything for him. “Pray for me, my name is Billy.”

And my driver to the airport was from Eritreia.

We’re all pilgrims in our own way.


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