Notes for Next Year

Route Notes for next year: Daily stages during the first week need to be less than 15 km. And plan one rest day every week. Transport service appears to be available all the way from Le Puy to SJPP. From Moissac onward the route flattens out, and it will be sunny, as I did not see much forest on the train. It is also reportedly less stoney. The path along the Canal du Midi has now been paved for bicycles, so it is not as good for walking. I have not yet hit a market day (need to check Tourism site or Web for each city as the next research project).

Packing Notes for next year: Need to reduce the pack weight. Get the new smaller Kindle, use a smaller size foot balm and foot powder, no body powder, a smaller 38 liter pack, a 2 liter water bladder, no salt/pepper, no mirror, no phrase book, consolidate the paperwork for post-walking activities, substitute a lightweight vest or jacket for the third shirt, substitute sturdier casual shoes if available at the same weight, and only one pen. The pack must include spare rations – with noon, Sunday, and Monday closures, evening meals can be chancy and hitting a lunchtime cafe is incredibly rare. A loaf of bread keeps several days, ditto cheese and raw veggies. Groceries are happy to sell single carrots and apples.


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