28 Sep 10: Moissac (Rest Day)

Tour: One rest day a week is essential – the feet recover, the body recovers, the spirits recover, the mind gets the opportunity to reflect. This morning I settled into a new room at the gite, a cozy apartment in back with complete kitchen, conversation area with ipholstered seating for 3, a dining table with seating for 3, a spiral staircase, bunk beds for four, and a full shower bath. Lovely, if compact. I took a morning walk up to the heights overlooking town, followed by a post-lunch walk out along the canal to where it overcrosses the river Tarn, then back to town along the banks of the Tarn.

Grace: I wish I could say what makes the French Chemin so peaceful, but perhaps it is better that I cannot analyze it exactly. scenery is only a part; the absence of traffic and road noise, the absence of blaring tv, radio, stereo, advertisements (especially political campaigns); the absence of work, family, and local organization stresses (obligations unmet, promises not kept, expectations not fulfilled) – all contribute. The rhythm of walking itself is addictive (here I am on a rest day, walking). The ability to set a goal, and depending only on your own self to get there, runs headlong into the fact of our mutual dependency on each other. This time has been a gift, an interval for healing the mind and spirt. And I learned, the body heals itself each night if given the opportunity.


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