Packed and Ready

So the Pilgrimage of 2010 is about to begin, at long last. Actually, some of us are already in France, due to our various individual travel itineraries. I’m flying out tomorrow, laggard that I am.

Packing the bag has been an exceptionally challenging step, due to the target weight limit of 15 pounds (for a dry pack, with no water or food). It’s a nice goal, but I didn’t make it. For a long time I was stuck at 18.6 pounds and playing whack-a-mole (as soon as I thought of something I could take out, I would think of something else that needed to go in). Finally, after leaving out the fleece vest, swapping the amphib sandals for a pair of Wal-Mart aqua-sox, and swapping the ebags toilet kit for a Outdoor Research pack sack, I’m down to 17.4 pounds. Now, that includes a pound of consumable pills and papers, so the number will go down a bit day by day. The consumable papers are the guidebooks pages I razored out of their binding. Consumable pills include vitamins.

We’re due to have some rain on the early days, so I’ll get a chance to test the gaiters.

One response to “Packed and Ready

  1. Safe travels, Rachel! Looking forward to living vicariously through your travels!

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