The Green, Green Hills of Home

Ah, back to the green trees and blue sky of Washington State. It’s really great to be home.

There are things I will miss about Kandahar: reliable sunshine, the absence of the incessant media advertising assault, someone else cooking three meals a day, someone else doing the laundry, being able to do most of my daily needs and work by walking, the accents of an international working community, the sense of purpose, the uniqueness, the comeraderie.

There are also things I will not miss about Kandahar: the heat, the dust, the tactical vehicles (an MRAP convoy is like a string of motorized elephants), the starkness, the periodic rocket attacks, the absence of liquor apart from the monthly Beer Call.

But I’m glad I went. This was a very interesting experience. What’s happening in Afghanistan (and Pakistan, and Iran) will affect us for years to come.

But this chapter, at least, is at an end.

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