Sunday was a Hard Day

Casualties are mounting up here. For the US forces in Afghanistan, 51 so far this month. Sunday morning, one of the contractor-operated Russian cargo helocopters crashed on takeoff here at Kandahar, with 16 dead and 3 critically injured I think. A week ago, the same firm had another crash-on-takeoff at a Canadian forward base; we sent the two Canadians home earlier in the week, and the 6 Russian civilians we sent home at a ramp ceremony Sunday evening. At Sunday service (I’m still attending the UK service), the chaplain said he’d been at the British forward base on Monday for a ramp ceremony for eight British soldiers. Last week, a Chinook (US cargo helocopter) was shot down in the Helmand. And USAF lost an F-15E fighter with its crew of two over the weekend.


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