How do You Like Your Eggs?

I’ve frequently said that monotony is the real enemy here. Perhaps I’ve said that too often. After all, last month when I said, three times in a row, “Power here is more reliable that at my house on Bainbridge”, we immediately had a power outage here.

So there I was at breakfast, minding my own business, when all of a sudden there is a BOOM! fairly close by. No sirens or alarms, though, so everyone went back to finishing breakfast.

I stepped outside the dining facility to see a crowd of fire trucks, complete with flashing lights, firefighters all suited up, the works. And a pile of stuff on the ground, down near the drainage ditch, was getting hosed down. The pile was sitting directly astern of a garbage truck, that had its rear squash-the-garbage apparatus up in the air.

Turns out, said an eyewitness, the garbage truck had arrived at this (regular kitchen garbage) pick-up spot with its load already on fire. The crew knew the situation, and stopped the truck to remove and unload the stuff. Alas, the load apparently included something it shouldn’t have, hence the boom. Perhaps a propane tank, since there were pieces of one.

I suppose the wonder is that this doesn’t happen more often, actually. There are “amnesty boxes” for the disposal of stray, forgotten munitions (check your pockets before doing laundry?) at various locations around camp … I guess they’re there for a reason!


One response to “How do You Like Your Eggs?

  1. not eggs – bikes! Did you rent one? I am getting back in that particular saddle again. With a young friend (23?) rode from Seaside to Asilomar and took the opportunity to give her a grand overview of Julia Morgan! Great day.
    Need to know more about lack of hair cut?

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