As I was finishing up my dinner at the American dining facility last night, I noticed a woman sitting at the next table over. She was wearing the fairly new Navy PT shirt (bright yellow with reflective lettering, they’re really hard to miss) and on the table next to her tray there sat … a Kindle!

Here I was, thinking I had the only one in all of Afghanistan.

So I went over to introduce myself. Turns out, she’s a Navy LCDR Medical Corps, runs the oncology clinic at Bethesda, has been here in country four months, and leaves in a few days. She originally had a Kindle1, but when the new one came out, she bought a Kindle2 (same model I have) and her husband now has the 1. She’s been attached to the Army medical facility here, one of the many thousands of Navy personnel used as “Individual Augmentees” to help out the Army manpower shortage. We shared some Navy stories, some Afghanistan stories, and some Kindle stories.

Shipmates indeed!


One response to “Shipmates

  1. Hi Rachel, nice to catch up with your adventures–loved your delight in petting a dog! Stay well!

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