Back in the Saddle

Oh the Austria trip was a nice break, but I’m back in the saddle here in Kandahar. It’s been a busy week here – many of my routine activities were rescheduled from the break, so there was much catching up to do.

Actually, I was able to do something yesterday I haven’t been able to do since I left home: pet a dog. Yes, something that simple! These were working dogs (off-duty) located at one of the compounds I was visiting. German Shepard mixes, I think. Very sweet, and eager to be petted. The Turkish gentleman who was accompanying me was terribly anxious about them, however, and asked for the handler to hold them back so he could pass safely. I guess there really is some distinct cultural anxiety about dogs in this part of the world (remember those Abu Graib photos?); perhaps its due to bad experiences with feral dog packs.

At any rate, it was an educational experience.

Sydney, are you listening?


One response to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Am listening to Das Rheingold from LA on KUSC and envying you your upcoming tickets!

    The “big” switch to DTV has apparently happened – thanks to my cable guy, I was good to go.
    take care,

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