A Day Without Music

… is impossible in Salzburg. This morning I took the ‘Sound of Music’ tour with a couple from Ohio and a family from Denver. I’m really sold on small-bus tours! We got out to some areas outside town, then up into the nearby lake district area (Marionsee chapel, where the wedding scene was filmed). Made a strudel-stop overlooking a stupendous view: lake with mountain backdrop.

After returning to town, I tackled the Austrian cell phone project. The phone speaks more German than I do! And Rick’s phrasebook is as thin on the technical German as it is on liturgical German.

I made my way back towards Old Town, stopping at the Mozart Residence, which had some good exhibits. As I was wandering, I passed the cantor from last night, sans cassock and surplice. She’s an alto! (Yes, I am normally better at making this distinction. You had to be there.)

Rick’s hole-in-the-wall recommendations for local color were spot-on. I just wish there had been room for me to squeeze into the schnapps-bar. Guess I’ll just have to come back (but then I’d already come to that conclusion). I had dinner at a real no-kidding Austrian sit-down eatery, antlers and all: cream of asparagus soup, schnitzel with potatoes, and for dessert a poppyseed ice cream bombe with strawberry sauce.


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