Trapper Ray

I’ve been busily observing the contractors providing various base support services. This morning was my check ride with the animal-control team. There is actually wildlife here! Unfortunately, a good bit of it is rabid, and most of it has teeth. So, the general strategy is to capture with a live-animal trap, give them a vet check, and release the healthy ones in some remote corner near the fenceline.

We had quite a haul this morning: one feral housecat (an orange marmalade job) who was most upset; a larger cat that I would call a bobcat or lynx, maybe 20 or 25 lb, who was taking matters more calmly (was this not her first time?); and a juvenile hedgehog (I’m told it was “standard British” size, about the same as a pocket poodle — heavier than a squirrel but not as long as a ferret) who was quietly curious. The trapper said the hedgehogs grow quite large here, and he had recently come across a porcupine the size of a bear cub (it completely filled the trap).

I have seen two sorts of birds here: one small non-descript spotted brown songbird type, and one striking parrot-green thing that is built like a barnswallow and flies about like one as well.


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