Shades of the Wild West

Yup, they say this is a war zone. I suspected that, somehow. But for most of my time here so far, I’ve been thinking it looks more like Old Tombstone or perhaps Silver City. I mean, everyone (well, the uniformed everyones, not us slimy contractors) is carrying either a rifle or sidearms, sometimes both. Sometimes it’s an old-style M-16, sometimes the new folding-stock M-4 Carbine, occasionally a higher-firepower Squad Automatic Weapon. There are innumerable ways to carry it: slung up, slung down, right shoulder, left shoulder, front or back. And don’t get me started about the various ways to park one while you are dining (underfoot) or at chapel. Pistols tend to be carried by the more senior personnel, and the holsters vary from the traditional belt holster to the more useful leg rig or ever-popular double shoulder.


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