A Hard Week for the UK

Wrapping up my fourth week here – and there’s been a lot going on. Since some of the operational events, which I’m not at liberty to discuss, have made it to the mainstream media, so I can post links.

The Brits have lost six brave lads in the past eight days, in the fighting in Helmand province (southern Afghanistan, southwest of here). You can track casualty figures at the link here.  And the RAF pilot survived a Harrier crash on the runway here at Kandahar, pictures and discussion here and here.  Although, with a zero-elevation ejection, there are frequently back injuries.

It has been beastly hot – 108 Fahrenheit earlier in the week, but has cooled off to 100 today. Winds are about 20-30 mph. With the continued progress of the paving projects, the dust situation has improved dubstantially. I’ve gone from living in a can of talcum powder to living in a hair dryer.


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