How to Have Fun at Kandahar

Ummm … are you sure you don’t have work to do? Or laundry? How about catching up on your sleep?

Well then, we’ll have to try harder. Each national compound has recreation for their own troops, which includes some fairly dense forests of treadmills/crosstrainers, resistance training machines of manifold persuasions, and the occasional bicycle. The Canadians, for good measure, have built a hocky rink (they also have a totem pole in front of their PX, in case anyone gets disoriented). Most also have something resembling a lounge/dayroom, with board games, cards, and computer access. The smokers (remember those?) tend to congregate near the dorm stairwells on makeshift picnic tables.

The Dutch have opened a sort of disco tent that seems to be very popular on Wednesday nights, and there was some sort of dance/party going on in front of the French PX last night as I was walking back from doing laundry.

Most of the permanent party here seem to have personal laptops along, and knockoff DVDs are very popular items at the Saturday market.

One will be doing all these things sober, though. This is a dry camp in more ways than one.


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