Go Directly to … Boardwalk!

Boadwalk - Looking at Tim Horton'sThe Boardwalk is the town commons here, or the local shopping mall, if you will. It’s actually a board walk, broad and sturdy, with a tin roof and some seating benches scattered about. It’s laid out as a hollow square, with enough room inside for four softball diamonds (home plate would be in each corner). Got the picture?

Of course, we don’t actually have softball diamonds – the near left corner has the hockey rink, and the near right corner has been converted into a performance stage, but there’s enough open dirt for two games of softball – or volleyball, which is also popular here.

Around the outer periphery of the boardwalk are situated, at intervals, a number of 20-foot shipping containers that have been converted into shops of various sorts. Some are food service: Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King, Igloo ( a Canadian soft-serve ice cream shop), Green Beans (serves coffee to soldiers, get it?).

There are Thai and Italian restaraunts under construction, but the pace seems so leisurely, I doubt I’ll have anything substantive to report on them unless I come back next year.

Others are services or other retail: cell phones and cards, haircuts, tailoring (suits), alterations (who needs long sleeves?), embroidery (must personalize everything!), bank ATMs, Tshirts/hats, rugs, regional crafts, Canadian specialty items, and fur hats.

The Boardwalk is really the place where everyone goes to hang out and chat with friends, at any hour of the day or night.


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