Where the Girls Are

I’m astonished at the number of uniformed NATO women I’m seeing here (they seem to be as fond of the “gym shorts plus M-16” ensemble as the guys are). Lots of Canadians, Brits, and Dutch. A few French, and some Danes started appearing this week. I don’t believe I’ve seen any in the Bulgarian, Romanian, or Slovak units, and there are only a very few Germans here anyhow. They range in age from youngsters fresh out of high school to some who look older than I am (you’d think they would have learned by now, eh?).

Of course there are a considerable number of women civilians here, both NATO-organization associated and contractors like me. All the food service, laundry, fire protection — in fact most municipal services except police — are provided by contractors. In the office where I work, we have a French-Canadian, an American, and Italian, a Canadian and a Frenchwoman.


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