Pearls of Sun

I had a very interesting conversation with someone who was here years ago – and she painted an astounding picture of the old days in Afghanistan.

This used to be the breadbasket of the country, before the Russians started sprinkling defoliant everywhere. The soil is very fertile, if there is water. They raised grain, and corn for silage. And vineyards …  well now, you can’t make wine from those grapes, it being a Muslim country. So what else can you do with them? Hmmm … grapes … sun … raisins! She had seen mounds of gourmet raisins in the market at Kabul — all different sorts of grapes: golden, pink, red, and dark.

I was astounded. Surely there is a future for specialty agriculture there – that could be a real cash crop if the distribution logistics get solved.

There was an economic development effort started in 2004, described here. The current situation and future plans are reported here.


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