Last evening we had unseasonable thunderstorms, with the sort of lightning display I hadn’t seen in years (since spending summers in South Carolina). This big black squall line came through, and, to coin a phrase, the heavens opened up. While I was at Chapel, of course! Waves of downpours came along for about two hours.

Now, dear readers, this place is a desert. The soil has virtually no organic matter, and it’s mostly clay strata I think. Nothing gets absorbed, it all runs off. And drainage is not the long suit hereabouts. So we have … puddles? Nay, lakes! I’m sure Nessie is hiding around here (surely the Scots brought her along with them?) in one of these – she would have lots of elbow room.

This morning when I came out for breakfast, it was cool enough I almost wish I’d had my windbreaker. Then, when I had momentary thoughts of heading over to DFac 4 for breakfast, it only took one look at the wall-to-wall lake to induce a change of plans.

At any rate, the weatherguessers are predicting cooler weather this week, so I’ll gladly take it.


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