Austria Plans

My itenerary for the mid-term break in Austria is beginning to gel. My flight gets into Vienna Monday morning early, and I’ll take the train over to Salzberg for two nights. Then Wednesday, a day-stop in Hallstadt en route back to Vienna for 3 nights. The Vienna Philharmonic has a free evening summer concert on the grounds on the Schonnbrunn palace Thursday night, and I’m hoping for tickets to see the Lippizaners at their show on Friday night. Opera will have to wait for the November trip. And I’ll fly out Saturday morning.


One response to “Austria Plans

  1. Patty Molloy

    Hi Rachel, I got a bit behind in reading your updates–but as a member of the peanut gallery, I say great choices for speding time in Austria! We spent 2 nights in Salzberg in October 2007 and it was a treat! The outdoor cafes are wonderful if the weather cooperates. We happened upon a ‘concert’ at a church–and it was actually high mass–and superb quality music! I wanted to visit Hallstandt, glad you are taking the time to visit it. We remembered you at book group yesterday. Take care, keep writing!

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