You can follow the daily forecast here. Although, they didn’t predict the brief shower we had late this afternoon. You have to try hard to imagine this, now. It’s been over three weeks since the monsoon rainy season ended. The traffic churns up dust from the gravel roads in thick and choking clouds. The sky grows unusually dark, and we can see thunderheads (seeing clouds at all is unusual). There is a brief spatter of raindrops. Someone calls out, “Rain!” and we all dash outside.

A bit like a sun break in Seattle.

Mornings are quite nice, as I walk to breakfast. The sky is blue, the sun is warm but not hot yet, and there is often a gentle breeze. Before the vehicles start moving around, there is no dust. It is a bit bright though, so sunglasses are much more comfortable. Some days, the birds are chirping — making things seem … almost normal. After breakfast, when the incinerator fires up and the truck traffic starts, the air becomes thick, and the sky yellow. The dust here is special stuff … like living in a can of talcum powder — very fine, sifts into everywhere and everything.

It’s never perfectly quiet here. Even at first light, there is the constant thrum of diesels from the power generator farm. At night, there are lots of airfield noises from the operations there. And the odd, occasional rocket attack, followed by warning sirens and the all clear.


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