Sunday Service at KAF

There is a small wooden chapel here, built in the distinctive board-and-batten pattern I’ve seen on other buildings constructed by the Navy SeaBees (Construction Battalions). It has hand-stained glass, a small steeple, and seats probably 120. There is a small flower garden (the only garden on post) out front, with Dutch iris and roses.

A number of services are on offer of a Sunday: Slovak Catholic, Roman Catholic, “Generation NeXT” (which the chapel NCO described as mostly Southern Baptist), Canadian (which the NCO described as much the same except bilingual in English and French), and UK. So I went to the UK service.

An RAF Lieutenant-Colonel equivalent (Methodist) officiated with triumphalist verve, and the sermon was delivered on the only text that was read, Psalm 40, by a Chaplain (Captain) from one of the large Scottish units currently onboard. At least the 25 attending all circled up in standard Grace fashion to receive communion.

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