Ring Around the DFAC

There are four Dining Facilities (DFac) here, all contractor operated. The American one is closest, European next, British third and Far East furthest. We can eat one breakfast a day at any location, one lunch, and one dinner — there is an electronic ration card we swipe, and the system keeps track. Much better than the transient-signin process!

Each DFac includes two (sometimes 3) complete serving lines (consisting of hot line, salad bar, hot and cold beverage bar, and dessert bar) as well as two short-order lines. Each DFac has a different menu, following their national theme, that changes daily. For example, the American short order line had hamburgers, hot dogs, and frech fries yesterday at lunch. The British facility offers baked beans and broiled tomates for breakfast. They also have a curry bar at lunch and dinner. The European facility had roast pork and potatoes for dinner, and the Far East short order line offers stir fry.

I’m very impressed with the tastiness and variety of the food offered, compared to Navy shipboard cooking, even for the officers. Granted, the food is served on paper plates with plastic utensils (saves water for washing dishes, and water use is critical here). But it beats was we had in the wardroom onboard ship.

I try to rotate around, eating at a different DFac for each meal; and I tend to favor the further ones, so that I can stretch my legs with the walk.

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