Goodness, Grandma, What Big Planes You Have

Since I have some responsibilities in the area of airfield infrastructure, my education continued yesterday with observation of some unloading operations. Now, when the Navy loads groceries on a ship heading for sea, the truck comes to the pierside, a forklight lowers the pallets down to the pier, someone breaks open the pallets, and a human chain passes the cartons, one by one, up the gangplank and down to the food storage areas.

No such primitive and inefficient goings-on here, of course. This was a cargo-configured 747 coming in from Dubai; they had a cargo handler that took two triple-stacked pallets at a time, lowering with a scissors jack, and they managed to fill six flatbeds in about 20 minutes, once the bird was on the ramp and the doors were open.

Meanwhile, one of those gi-normous Russian surplus cargo planes rolled by. It was a very impressive evening!


One response to “Goodness, Grandma, What Big Planes You Have

  1. I love your postings. What’s the food like at KAF? Managing to get any exercise? We had some gorgeous days after you left and we all missed you on Sunday. Tonight it’s raining. Dallas

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