Oh That’s Why They Call it an Air Field

Continued with administrative settling in and orientation here at KAF today. By mid-afternoon I was able to get my badge and access credentials from the security office, which also entailed recovering my passport. That’s twice this trip I’ve been separated from my passport (once when I had to send it off with the visa application) – and I must tell you, I really feel a bit helpless/vulnerable/constrained without having it in hand.

Once I had my badge in hand, it was permitted for one of my teammates to take me on a tour of the flight line. There is certainly the odd assortment of things-with-wings around here. For starters, the original civilian air terminal is open again, and receives 2-3 civilian flights per week; one came in while I was watching yesterday. Of course there’s airlift, and I was greeted with a glimpse of home on the tail of one of those: the heavy lift air wings can now put a “home field stripe” on their tail, and one from McChord was bright green (same color as state flag) with the outline of Mount Rainier. Also a varied assortment of helocopters and fixed-wing aircraft from many different nations. Being a salt-water type, this was all rather new and interesting.


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