Down the Rabbit Hole (19 April)

A colleague of mine who recently returned from an assignment in Kandahar described it as “the total reverse of Bainbridge Island” and I think he’s hit the nail on the head. After packing and hotting the hotel breakfast buffet one last time (congee bar! five kinds of smoked fish! six kinds of fresh fruit juices!) I transferred over to the charter/air freight terminal (waving to my friends the FedEx and Brown planes) and after a suitable wait, we all boarded a recycled DC-9 for the two-hour flight to Kandahar.

I noticed some surprising swaths of green sprouts as we started our descent – I’m told those are the poppy fields. There was quite a lot of this crop coming up, whatever it was.

Kandahar is best described as a dusty anthill: much activity and much dust! But the quarters and the offices are reasonably clean, the people are friendly, and I’m still hunting for coathangers.


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